Getting Through This Health Crisis

Like everyone, we are staying home during the COVID-19 crisis. This can get a little stressful, but thankfully, we have some terrific animals to share it with, like our beautiful Elizabeth (AKA Biffy), whose picture we are happy to share.

One look at that beautiful face sure helps us with the blues! So please follow our example. Stay home with your favorite feline (also canine, avian, and human) companions, and stay healthy!

Also, we wanted to remind you that our food and supply drop-off at VCA Montgomery is currently unavailable. To protect their staff, VCA is operating on a “curb service” basis for treatment (not donations): call ahead, and they will meet you outside to take your pet in for treatment. You can pick her up when she is ready, but the waiting area is closed until we get through this.

Although our donation basket is currently unavailable, you can make monetary donations through our web site.

All the best from Elizabeth and all the people and cats at Fabulous Felines.

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Thanks to Everyone Who Made Wild Love a Success!

Wild Love 2020 has ended, and we would like to thank everyone who helped to make it a success. We have held the drawing and the winners of the Celebration Package were Howard and Margaret T. We have also held drawings for three bracelets from Erica Shelton, and they are Carla D., Janet S., and Deborah M.

Gigi, our 2020 Wild Love Sweetheart

We would like to thank all our friends and supporters for all they have done for Fabulous Felines through their donations, volunteering, and their personal encouragement.  Although Wild Love is one of our most enjoyable fundraisers, we are always a little sad that we cannot do more to express our gratitude to everyone who has made our work possible. Thank you.

So thank you to everyone, and special thanks to our friends at Farina Alto, Buffett’s Candies, Katrina’s Mary Kay, Shelton Jewelers, Erica Shelton, and Kelly Jo Designs by Wine. In this time of struggle, our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone, but especially to those in the business community who are especially hard hit.

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February is Wild Love Month at Fabulous Felines!

Gigi, our 2020 Wild Love Sweetheart

Wild Love is our annual Valentine’s Day Celebration of the power of love to gentle even the most frightened animal. It is also a thank you to all our volunteers and supporters for the love they have shown our little cat rescue!

Participating in Wild Love is simple. Just donate $35 or more to Fabulous Felines between January 1 and February 29, and we’ll enter you in our drawing for a Wild Love Celebration Package.

This year’s Celebration Package includes a $50 gift card to Farina Alto, a distinctive abalone bracelet from Erika Shelton of Shelton Jewelers, a gift basket from Katrina’s Mary Kay, a class at Kelly Jo Designs by Wine, a box of Chocolates from Buffett’s Candies.

Also, we will be having three additional drawings for handmade jewelry from Erica Shelton, so we will have a total of four winners! These beautiful gifts include a freshwater pearl and onyx bracelet, a dark blue goldstone bracelet, and a third bracelet of laborite and abalone.


Also, you can help us by downloading our Wild Love Flyer, and sharing it with your friends, family, co-workers, or just put it on your refrigerator door!

Happy Valentine’s Day and deepest gratitude for all you do to support Fabulous Felines!

Abalone Bracelet

Mary Kay Gift Basket












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Wild Love 2020 is on its way!

Wild Love, our Valentine’s Day Fundraiser, has become something of a tradition for us at Fabulous Felines. It honors the essential role of love in rescuing, caring for, and gentling even the wildest of cats. It also honors our volunteers who have given seemingly endless amounts of love to our rescued cats and the courage of these animals in learning to trust.

The rules of Wild Love are simple: simply donate $35 or more to Fabulous Felines between January 1 and February 29, and we will enter you in a drawing for a Valentine’s Day gift package. We are still putting our prize package together and will announce it by the first of February.

In the meantime, enjoy this early Valentine from Gigi, this year’s Wild Love Sweetheart!

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End of Year Letter 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, we take time to enjoy the joys of the season with friends (both two and four-legged), good food and drink, music, and a deep gratitude for the blessings that came to us in 2019, and optimism for the coming new year. This has been a good year for our little cat rescue. Although we have lost a couple of beloved animals (see below), most of the cats in our shelter remain healthy. We have welcomed several new people to join our volunteers, and all our volunteers remind us daily just how wonderful and generous people can be.

We hope you and your animals have a joyous and safe holiday season, and would like to remind you to ensure your kitties’ safety as well as your own.  Make sure they don’t get out during holiday visits.  Consider setting up a safe room, with food, water, and litter box, for them during parties and gatherings. Protect them from eating Christmas ornaments, and consider skipping tinsel, which cats will often eat, and which can damage the intestines. Most importantly, never let your cat drive if they’ve had too much catnip (just kidding).

For additional ideas see:

Project Apollo remains one of our signature projects. We have supported this feral colony since Fabulous Felines’ early years, and the colony remains stable. A few new ferals have arrived, and our Kitty Angel (a wonderful lady who lives in the neighborhood and oversees day to day activities) is catching them for neutering and shots. We continue to provide help with food, supplies, and expenses. The colony cats continue to enjoy food and shelter.

The foster house kitties are happy and healthy, and thanks to our volunteers, have plenty of human friends to provide care, affection, and play. However, they are growing older.  We continue to treat special needs kitties for their ailments and provide them with the best veterinary care.  Even so, sometimes there is nothing more even our veterinarians can do, and this year we have said goodbye to two of our favorite cats.

Ian was an outgoing, friendly cat, in spite of his many medical issues. A wonderful volunteer took on the responsibility of managing his diabetes, going to the foster house early each morning (often before dawn) to test his blood and administer insulin. We had to let Ian go when an untreatable inflammation of the soft tissue in his throat and trachea made it increasingly hard for him to breathe. Ian was a greeter, a lap cat, a beggar of food, and an emotional support cat for Gus, an emotionally scarred rescue who came to depend on Ian for comfort and security (see the picture to right). Many people think cats are solitary creatures, but Ian and Gus’ friendship is one more example of the depth of feline friendships. Although Gus has grieved since Ian’s passing, our volunteers have comforted him with extra attention.

We also said goodbye to Django, who was everyone’s favorite cat. Born with only three legs, we rescued him as part of Project Apollo, and realized he could not be returned to the colony. In spite of being born feral, he soon became one of the friendliest cats in the foster house. He was also one of the bravest cats we have ever seen, climbing cat trees with the best of his mates, and generally asserting himself as the Alpha cat. Like Ian, Django was a greeter, a demander of attention, a presence, and one of the smartest cats in the foster house (the only one who figured out a treat dispenser).

We would like to end with a most sincere thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and supporters who share in our work to bring comfort to the fabulous kitties. Your support allows us to care for the kitties whose home is in the colony we support through Project Apollo, and the foster house kitties. Because of the expensive end of life care we gave Ian and Django, this year has been particularly costly. We thank you all for your generous and wonderful support, and hope you will consider Fabulous Felines in your year’s end giving plans.

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