Thank You for Making Dr. Breslin’s Talk a Success!

On October 27, Dr. Carol Breslin of VCA Montgomery gave the fourth talk in the Fabulous Felines Free Lecture Series, and it was a huge success! Dr. Breslin spoke to a packed conference room on Feline Dental Care, and the audience response was just terrific.

We knew the talk was going to be special when we saw how Kelly McEwen and the VCA staff had set up the conference room at VCA Montgomery, and learned that Dr. Breslin had put together several dozen take-away bags with feline dental-friendly treats and literature on feline dental care. Still, as we waited for people to arrive, we must confess to a case of opening-night jitters. But as the time for the talk approached, and people started coming in, the seats quickly filled, and we sound found ourselves hustling to set up added chairs.

Fortunately, Dr. Breslin had made enough gift bags, and although they were all used up, everyone got to take treats home to their feline companions. Of course, the real take-away was the knowledge about caring for our cats’ teeth that Dr. Breslin shared. A specialist in feline dental care, Dr. Breslin showed us what the symptoms of various feline dental diseases looked like, and discussed the treatment options for all of them. We also learned about routine feline dental care, and came away with the knowledge and confidence to do our part in protecting our cats’ oral health.

Thanks to Dr. Breslin and all the staff at VCA Montgomery for making this possible, and most of all, thanks to everyone who came and supported this latest talk in the Fabulous Felines Free Lecture Series. We have always known that our community of friends and supporters is the best, and we and the cats thank you.

We hope you will all join us in December to hear Jess Langer speak on socializing cats in multi-cat households. This will be the last talk in the 2013 lecture series, and a great way to start the holidays. Check this web site soon for details!

Thanks again to everyone who has made this series possible.

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