Beautiful Handmade Quilt

We are delighted to say the quilt has been sold! The proceeds from this sale will help us care for the cats in our care, and support our broader efforts at helping lost and community cats.

A quilting artist has donated a stunning, handmade quilt to Fabulous Felines to help raise money for the kitties’ care.

Quilting is an ancient art—an Egyptian ivory carving from 35th century BC shows a Pharaoh wearing a quilted cloak—and continues to inspire gifted artists. This brand new quilt features cat motifs and would be most appreciated displayed as wall art using a quilt hanger.

The rich colors are vibrant, and in the right light, the threads seem to glisten. In addition to the beautiful front, the back is also sewn in amazing detail. There is a repeating image of cats decorating the reverse side. This quilt is 50″ x 60″.

We are asking $300 for this beautiful quilt.

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