Saying Good Bye to Carcaletsa

Carcaletsa (left) and Sylvester
Carcaletsa and Sylvester

A year or so ago, we described Carcaletsa as “an aging princess with an operatic name,” a name that fit her grace and beauty. It breaks our hearts to tell you that our beautiful princess has passed away. She came to live in the foster house in 2009 when her human companion died. She quickly became a favorite among the volunteers who groomed and played with her eagerly. Although it took a little longer, she also made friends among the other cats in the foster house. Sylvester and Gigi were as drawn to her as the volunteers, frequently cuddling and napping with her. We estimate she was around nineteen when she passed. Everyone at the foster house misses her, and we are all grateful for the years she spent with us. 

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