Winter Fund Drive

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a prolonged, debilitating effect on our fundraising efforts, just as it has had on the finances of so many businesses and charities. Because of the risk of infection, we have not been able to gather together in events such as our lecture series, or public fundraisers. Thankfully, we have had the resources needed to continue with our core projects including Project Apollo and the Foster house, but unusually high veterinary expenses are depleting our funds. We hope you will consider a donation to Fabulous Felines in your end-of-year giving plans.

Sweet Bijoux

Because we have an older population of cats in our Foster House, we are faced with increasing health issues. So far this year, we have had over $13,000 in veterinary expenses. Sadly, we lost three beautiful animals, Astrid, Gus, and Bijoux in spite of our efforts to restore them to health. However, thanks to your generosity, we have had a number of successes.

After receiving treatment for a thyroid condition, Thumbalina has returned to loving catnip, food, and sleeping in a bed with her friend Gem. She is Miss December on our 2021 calendar.

We noticed Ares was loosing weight, and the vet diagnosed him as having GI tract inflammation and placed on a steroid-based medicine that must be delivered daily.


Carcaletsa, an aging princess with an operatic name, also requires daily medication for her arthritis. An extraordinary volunteer comes to the foster house every morning to give both cats their medicine.

Chuck Morris was rescued from the Project Apollo Feral Colony, and placed with a loving foster mother. Sadly, she passed away, and he went to live with one of our volunteers. In the process of moving him, we learned he needed a costly dental and treatment for stomach problems. Happily, he is recovering in his new home.

Figarro recovering from an extensive dental

Figarro is another cat living in the Project Apollo Colony who is too wild to be placed in foster care. The colony’s kitty angel, Sue, became aware of his GI tract problems and was able to catch him to take to the vet.  We also arranged for extensive testing, de-matting, Revolution (a product for any parasites), and a dental, and Figarro has happily returned to his colony. His veterinary care was just over $1,300, but now his is a new “man.”

Not all of our stories deal with health problems. Thanks to your generosity our Foster House cats continue to flourish and provided us with continuing rewards: Cally’s finding the best window to bird watch, Bushea becoming more interactive, Mimosa enjoying her brushing, Sebastian being less suspicious of humans, Thumbelina rolling in catnip, Gem requesting brushing and attention, Allison and Alistair playing . . .

We hope you will consider us in your end-of-year charity donations, and help us to continue our work in 2021. We also hope you will visit our table at Pet Vet Market and purchase one of our 2021 Foster House Calendars, or select a handmade cat bed for your favorite feline friend.

Thank you, and all the best for a wonderful 2021!

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