Coming Soon: Fabulous Felines 2021 Calendar

Perhaps it is our way of surviving COVID Lockdown, or maybe we’re just giving in to the flood of terrific cat pictures we’ve been receiving lately, but we have decided to create a 2021 calendar featuring pictures of the cats at the foster house. We’ll be receiving the first batch of calendars in a week or so and will let you know how you can get your copy.

When we started the project, we asked our volunteers to send us their favorite pictures of the foster house cats, and we were stunned by the response. Not only did we receive way more pictures than we could use, but also the quality of all of them was stunning.

In the end, we wound up selecting photos on the basis of resolution (we need high res for the printer), and whether we could crop them to the necessary aspect ratio. So, stay tuned for the calendar release. In the meantime, here are some of the pictures that will not be in the calendar (click on a thumbnail to see the original image). All of them are wonderful pictures of beautiful animals.

Why are cats so darned photogenic?

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