Health Care Hints for Cat Lovers

Quarantine is not fun!

Like everyone these days, all of us at Fabulous Felines are concerned with health matters—both for our volunteers and for ourselves. In this spirit, we thought it might be useful to compile some of the articles on cat health that we have posted over the years. A few of these contain advice for preventing and treating specific problems. Others are accounts of our experiences with cats who have needed complex veterinary care, including some who could not be healed; we hope these examples may help you better to face the complexities often facing cat guardians.

Cats are particularly susceptible to urinary tract problems, including blockages. If these are not treated promptly, the animal can suffer a painful death. Sylvester’s Close Call describes the symptoms of urinary tract blockages, tells how watchful volunteers saved Sylvester’s life.

Although urinary problems can usually be treated with medication, some cases require more radical treatments, including a perineal urethrostomy (PU), a surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract. Gus and his PU tell the story of Gus’ PU, and his return to health!

The Joy of Cat Grooming not only gives tips on grooming your cat for their appearance and comfort, but also celebrates grooming as a way of bonding with your cat, and discovering any health problems in their early stages.

Abby Is On The Mend! tells the story of Abby, a rescue cat, who damaged her intestines when she ate a piece of nylon string that had separated from her cat tree. Although Abby did recover from this surgery and went on to live many more happy months, her intestinal problems eventually returned and ended her life. Her story underscores the importance of keeping a cat’s home free of things they may swallow, and that could damage their intestines, including dental floss, threads from clothing, and nylon threads from the carpets that are often used to cover cat trees.

Django was a much-loved cat at our foster house. Born with only three legs, he embraced life fully, and nothing could stop him from living like any cat—until he fell from a cat tree and injured his back. Django’s Life and Passing is the story of Django’s treatment, his courage in struggling to recover, and our difficulty in finally saying goodbye to him.

Buddy’s Story A heartfelt look at end of life care, written by one of our volunteers, that shows just how much we can achieve to extend a beloved animal’s life and ease their passing.

Hal – The Gentle Giant was a rescued cat who suffered severe damage from life on the streets. In spite of the best efforts of our volunteers and his doctors, he ultimately succumbed to his injuries, The love and courage he showed at the end of his life remains an example to all of us.

In addition to caring for our feline friends, we should not forget just how much cats can do to promote human health and well-being. Vilnius the Therapy Cat tells the story of one of our foster house cats who helped people in the memory care of a nursing home to improved outlook and health.

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