Gus and his PU (perineal urethrostomy)


Gus is one of the cats at the foster house, and although he is shy, once you get to know him, he is a very sweet animal. A few weeks ago, one of our volunteers noticed that Gus was going from box to box, trying to urinate, but failing to produce a stream. We immediately took him to the vet, who confirmed that his urinary tract was blocked. Although they were able to give him temporary relief, it was clear that Gus needed a more radical treatment to prevent a recurrance.

Urinary tract problems are very serious, especially for male cats, who have narrow urethras that can be easily blocked by kidney stones, urine crystals, or other solids that can appear in urine. If not treated, blockages can lead to an excruciatingly painful death, a death that would have struck poor Gus had it not been for some very observant, informed volunteers.

After some discussion among our veterinary team, we agreed that Gus’ best chance to return to health was a PU, or perineal urethrostomy. This is a complete reconstruction of the urinary tract, and although it is a radical surgery, it has a very high rate of success in preventing future blockages. 

A PU is a very delicate operation, and should be done by an experienced surgeon. We are grateful to our surgical team for a completely successful outcome. After a few days in recovery, Gus came home, and after a couple weeks of rest, we are happy to say he is a new cat – eating, playing, and happily peeing. For more about the PU, we found a good article on

Because of Gus’ situation this surgery was very expensive, but thanks to the generosity of our supporters over the years, we had the resources needed to give him this life-saving treatment. Thank you all, once more.

We also wanted to let you know that, to help make up the cost, and just in time for Christmas shopping, we will be having an online silent auction. Thanks to the generosity of several local merchants and individuals, we have a number of items that would warm the heart of any cat lover. We are preparing the auction, so keep on eye on this web site, and we will be posting the sale items in a few weeks!

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