Fabulous Felines Visits North Star Day Care!

There is no greater gift than to see ourselves through the eyes of children. Their simplicity, honesty, and compassion are a rare treasure. We were given that opportunity recently when we were invited to tell a group of children at North Star Day Care about our work.

Always happy to talk about Fabulous Felines, I went there not knowing what to expect. I had loaded some pictures of our rescue cats on some slides, and just started talking to the group of several dozen children. Soon, they were telling me about their pets – most of which were rescued – and showing a deep understanding and compassion for the plight of lost and community cats, and for the work we do.

When I was all done, the kids gave me a gift of some blankets they had made for the rescue cats.

Cat Beds Made by the Children at North Star for Our Foster Cats

Cat Beds Made by the Children at North Star for Our Foster Cats

I left with confidence that these children would grow into the sort of adults who would continue to show compassion and care to lost and frightened animals. All this from 5 – 10 year old children! Deepest gratitude to all the kids and staff at North Star!

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