In Memorium: Apollo 2005 – April 6, 2011

Apollo_largeSadly we must tell our friends that Apollo – our poster cat for the feral colony and namesake for Project Apollo, was killed by a car between 11:15 and 11:30 pm on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. He was very spirited and not yet a year old when we trapped him in 2006. Because he ws, by this time, deepl feral, we had him neutered, vaccinated, and returned to the only place he knew as home. He was very happy to be back at his neighborhood, and when we saw him weeks later, we were delighted. It was wonderful to see him through the years as he approached us cautiously and waited until we prepared his food. Always wary, he would not come to eat until we had left.

He was healthy, wild, and beautiful and we miss him very much. We ask that all drivers please be considerate and yield to animals when on the road.

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