Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our Summer Event a Success

Our summer event took place on July 13 (see the event posting), and it was a huge success. Special thanks to Ray Hernandez-Duran who gave an exciting talk on the way these animals we love have served as symbols for aspects of our own art, nature, and spirit; to Michael Anthony, who played some world-class jazz; to the individuals and merchants who donated items for our silent auction and snacks for everyone; to the staff at the Jewish Community Center who made the room so comfortable; and to our volunteers, supporters, and everyone who made this our most successful event ever!

Not only was it a financial success (a good thing, since several of the cats in our foster house need dental care), but also it was the best attended event we ever had. Perhaps the most rewarding part of the event was a chance to spend time with the wonderful community that has grown up around our little cat rescue. Through the afternoon, we had the opportunity to talk with many of our supporters, and also watched people come together around the tables, over food, and at the auction tables for conversation. It made us realize what an extraordinary group of people we have to thank for making all we do possible.

Thank you everyone!

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