Marey and Mack have a Forever Home!


Marey and Mack

Those of you who follow Fabulous Felines probably recall our posting in search of a permanent home for Marey and Mack. Well, we are delighted to let everyone know that they have found that home. A wonderful man, and longtime friend of Fabulous Felines had been fostering them for us, and it seems they have all turned into a family. He has officially adopted the beautiful brother and sister.

These days, we all need more happy endings, and Marey and Mack’s story certainly provides one. They were raised by a little girl who loved them very much, but was forced to gave them up when her family had to move to a place that would not allow them. They came to our foster house, where everyone adored them, but we long felt they deserved a permanent home. Probably because they are older, and because we felt they should remain together (they are inseparable), we were unable to find a suitable place. We placed them in foster care because we thought they would do better as “only cats,” and it seems their wonderful personalities did the rest. Their foster home has become a forever home.

We still have some lovely cats who would make dear companions. Although they are no longer kittens, the love they have to give does not diminish with age. Please contact us at if you would like to meet some of these marvelous animals. In the meantime, we leave you with a video of Marey and Mack playing.

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