Fabulous Felines 2017 Year End Letter

Is the Mail Here Yet?

2017 has been a great year for our little cat rescue. It is the eleventh year since Fabulous Felines officially incorporated, and we hope it will set the tone for our second decade. It has also reminded us that Fabulous Felines is very much your cat rescue: we could not operate without the help of our supporters, volunteers, and friends in the business community. We are writing to thank you, to let you know what we have done to make best use of your generosity in helping these extraordinary animals who share our homes, our neighborhoods, and our city, and to ask for your continued support in the coming year.

Project Apollo is our oldest project: a long-term effort to help a local neighborhood manage a feral cat colony using TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return). When we first became involved with this effort, the colony was unmanaged: cats were suffering and dying; abandoned animals and new litters caused continuous population pressures; and the situation was creating stress in the neighborhood. We worked with volunteers in the community to stabilize the population through a responsible TNR program, and we continue to help them manage the colony on a day to day basis by providing shelter, such as winterized huts, food, supplies, and veterinary care. Project Apollo is a wonderful example of how a successful TNR program can improve the lives of community cats, and reduce their impact on the neighborhood they share.

Our second major project of 2017 was our Free Lecture Series. This has become an annual effort to present talks on responsible, loving cat care. Thanks to our sponsors in the business community, VCA Montgomery, VCA West Mesa, and Lexus of Santa Fe, the series is free of charge to the public. This year, we presented talks by Dr. Christa Bernhard on Feline Asthma, Ann Beyke on Anticipating the Loss of a Companion Animal, Dr. Dawn Nolan on Feline Dental Care, and Dr. Erin Deveau on Hospice Care for Pets. We are already starting work on the 2018 Lecture series, and, although it is still early, topics we are considering include: patience, love, and care for elderly cats, and managing feline urination problems. We hope you will join us in 2018, and please, patronize our supporters. When you do, don’t forget to thank them for supporting Fabulous Felines!


The Foster House Climbing Wall

Our foster house continues to provide a home for a number of cats that have come into our care. Most of our foster kitties came to us through Project Apollo, and they tend to be older, with some special needs cats. We would like to offer very special thanks to the many volunteers who give of their time on a regular basis to help directly with the care of animals in our foster house. The care and feeding of a large number of cats is not a glamorous job (food dishes and litter boxes do need to be looked after), and the pay is not great (volunteers are paid in purrs and cuddles), but as a labor of love, nothing can match the joy of helping animals, of having a once frightened or feral cat greet you at the door with a rub against your leg, or crawl into your lap for an extra cuddle. If you would like to join this extraordinary group of people, or would be interested in meeting the foster cats, please contact us.

Elvis in a towel

These major projects happen against a backdrop of the countless small needs we serve on a daily basis. These include giving advice, and occasional food and vet support to people who contact us with problems big and small.

We could not have done any of this without the generous support you have given us.  Our annual Valentine’s day fundraiser, Wild Love 2017, was very successful: thanks to the generosity of our supporters in the business community, we were able to provide two prizes, making it the best ever! We also tried something new this year: an online silent auction. Although our first effort, the auction was a success, with only a couple items remaining unsold. But, the largest source of income for Fabulous Felines has come from the donations of the people and businesses who have included us in their generosity.


Your donations enabled us not only to feed and care for our foster cats, but also to provide them with much needed veterinary care. We have long had a commitment to provide top quality vet care to all the cats in our system, including dental care and check ups. We also ran into some unexpected health problems this year. Gus began to suffer from severe urinary tract blockages, a potentially fatal condition that we were able to treat with a Perineal Urethrostomy (PU). Twister suffered from a nodule on his thyroid that we were able to treat with Radioactive Iodine therapy. We are happy to say that both Gus and Twister (a particularly cute boy with fluffy feet) are recovering fully. Vet care is one of our largest expenses, but thanks to you, we have been able to meet these health needs.

We hope you will continue your support for our work, and consider us in your year-end giving plans. Your donations will enable us to continue supporting Project Apollo, and caring for the cats in our foster house. They will allow us to further our education and outreach work, and to address the many unforeseen needs that will arise in the coming year. Because we are an all volunteer charity, over 94% of your donations go directly to supporting our mission of helping cats! So thank you for your continuing generosity, and for everyone who has donated, volunteered, encouraged, blessed, helped, cheered, or simply sent good wishes to us, our deepest thanks.

Happy Holidays and Happy Meows, from all the cats and people at Fabulous Felines. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.



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Just for Fun: Cats in Trees

Even the laziest, most pampered house cat (we have a few) is still a predator in her heart, and they all have an instinctual fondness for high places where they can look down on their prey (that’s us). For example, a few days ago I was installing some shades on some tall windows in our living room, and went out to the workshop to get a tool. When I came back, there was Elvis on the top of my 8 foot step ladder (he soon discovered that climbing down is scarier than climbing up, and I had to rescue him).

But the best is to be up high, and hidden in a tree. Thanks to a new cat tree we just set up, and an ancient ficus that my wife has miraculously kept alive long enough for it to grow to almost 10 feet tall, our cats can enjoy both.

If you don’t have any tall places for your cats, we encourage you to create some. There are some great cat trees available, including some that are pretty attractive (check out Wayfair or Houzz). Also, if you are really ambitious, you can use shelving to create a kitty climbing wall.

Just to encourage you, and while you are getting your climbing area together, here are Spike and our Calico, Lucy, enjoying the view . . . and the concealment from the attractive modern cat tree we just bought them!

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Silent Auction 2017

This fall’s fundraiser is an online silent auction. Friends and businesses have donated a number of unique sale items that deserve a special treatment. These include artwork, jewelry, and fine china. Any of these items would be a terrific holiday gift for a friend or family member, or a generous treat for yourself.

The rules of our auction are simple:

To place your bid, email us with the name of the item and your bid. The page for the item will be updated with your bid within 24 hours, and you will be notified. In case of a tie, the first bid mailed will be posted, and both bidders will be notified. If you have placed a bid, and are later outbid, you will also be notified.

Because of the nature of these items, we cannot ship them, but we will deliver your purchase personally within the Albuquerque area.

The auction ends at midnight, November 23!

Here are the auction items, and their current status, click on the name to learn more and place you bid. Happy shopping!

Nambe Salad Set

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid: SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD

One Fast Cat Cat Wheel

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid: SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD

Vintage Diamond Ring

Starting bid: $2,900.00
Current bid:
Buy now price: $3,500.00

Cheryl Isaacs Art Glass Bowl

Starting bid: $85.00
Current bid:
Buy now price: $150.00

Tablet Computer with Case & Keyboard

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid:SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD

Tissot Men’s Watch

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid: SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD


Crown Ming China

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid: SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD


Nancy Norton Oil Painting

Starting bid: SOLD
Current bid: SOLD
Buy now price: SOLD

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Fabulous Felines Free Lecture: Hospice Care for Pets

Facing the end of the life of a beloved pet can be a difficult experience. Questions like “How do I know if my pet is suffering?” and “When should I choose euthanasia?” can be difficult to face alone. Veterinary Hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team-oriented service dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill or geriatric pet until natural death occurs or the family elects euthanasia. It can provide pet guardians with peace of mind in knowing they have helped their pet face the end of life with wisdom and compassion. Dr. Erin Deveau is a veterinarian with Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice here in the Albuquerque metro area, and will speak on this invaluable service. To gain an overview of their services and philosophy, visit the hospice page on their web site.

Dr. Deveau and Sherman

Dr. Deveau grew up in rural Upstate New York and attended Ithaca College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology in 2000.  After several years in a business management role in Princeton, New Jersey, she went back to school to follow her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Deveau attended Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts from 2006 to 2010, receiving a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  She subsequently spent 6 years in clinical practice in various states (including 3 years at VCA West Mesa Animal Hospital in Albuquerque) as she moved with her husband’s military career.  Now that they are back in Albuquerque permanently, she is very excited to be the first veterinarian to introduce the Lap of Love philosophy and service to New Mexico.

As always, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, this talk is Free to the public.

Date & Time: Sunday, November 12, 2017; 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

Place: VCA Montgomery Conference Room (enter on the west side of the building) (map . . .)
9901 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Cost: Absolutely Free! Also, if you email us at fabulousFelines@comcast.net to let us know in advance that you will be coming, you will be entered in a drawing for a special prize! (you must be present to win).

We want to thank VCA MontgomeryLexus of Santa Fe, and VCA West Mesa for making it possible for us to bring these talks to you for free. Please patronize them, and when you do, don’t forget to mention Fabulous Felines!

VCA_West-Mesa_Thumbnail    VCA_Montgomery_Thumbnail

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Coming Soon! Fabulous Felines Online Silent Auction!

This fall’s fundraiser (and just in time for holiday shopping) is an online silent auction. Thanks to the generosity of several supporters, volunteers, and local businesses, we have gathered a number of high quality items (both new and lovingly pre-owned) including fine jewelry, elegant crafts, electronics, and artwork.

Because these are not the kind of things that could be sold at a typical fundraiser or yard sale, we will be offering them in an online silent auction. So check back on this website, or watch your email for an announcement (if you already subscribe to Fabulous Times). It will be a great opportunity to purchase some quality gifts for your loved ones . . . or yourself!

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