Give a Home to Marey and Mack – You’ll be the Winner!


Marey & Mack


Marey and Mack are two of the adoptable cats at our small foster house. They are rambunctious young adults who were raised by a young girl who adored them and gave them constant play and affection. As a result, they are the kind of secure, loving animals that any family would love. They came to us when their family had to move to a new living situation that did not allow cats. Although the young girl was devastated, we promised her that we would find them a wonderful home.

Although they take a very nice picture, pixels do not do them justice. They are dark, almost black tabbies, and, in person, their eyes are golden. Also, they are constantly playing and full of the joy of life. This brother and sister were in boarding briefly when they first joined our little family, and were great hits with the staff. We compiled a number of video clips taken of them playing to make this little movie that shows what a joy they would be. Since then, they have become the life of the foster house, constantly playing and looking for affection from our volunteers.

More recently, we were framing in a security door at our foster house to make sure the cats did not run off. Before I could put the sheet rock on the frame, Marey assumed the role of construction inspector. Rather than trying to work around her, we let her complete her inspection in peace and took these photographs.

IMG_0193 IMG_0192 IMG_0191

Here are a few more pictures of these wonderful cats. Browse, and if you would like to give these beautiful animals a home, please contact us!

IMG_0225  IMG_0207IMG_0227  MareyInTheBox_cropped

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