Just for Fun: Cats in Trees

Even the laziest, most pampered house cat (we have a few) is still a predator in her heart, and they all have an instinctual fondness for high places where they can look down on their prey (that’s us). For example, a few days ago I was installing some shades on some tall windows in our living room, and went out to the workshop to get a tool. When I came back, there was Elvis on the top of my 8 foot step ladder (he soon discovered that climbing down is scarier than climbing up, and I had to rescue him).

But the best is to be up high, and hidden in a tree. Thanks to a new cat tree we just set up, and an ancient ficus that my wife has miraculously kept alive long enough for it to grow to almost 10 feet tall, our cats can enjoy both.

If you don’t have any tall places for your cats, we encourage you to create some. There are some great cat trees available, including some that are pretty attractive (check out Wayfair or Houzz). Also, if you are really ambitious, you can use shelving to create a kitty climbing wall.

Just to encourage you, and while you are getting your climbing area together, here are Spike and our Calico, Lucy, enjoying the view . . . and the concealment from the attractive modern cat tree we just bought them!

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