Wild Love is coming soon!

Wild Love is our annual Valentine’s Day Celebration, and it honors the power of love to gentle even the most troubled animals who have come to us over the years, and the often surprising expressions of love these animals return to us.

To participate in Wild Love, simply donate $25 or more to Fabulous Felines in either January or February, and we will enter you in our drawing at the end of February. Past prizes have included dinner at some amazing restaurants, flowers, jewelry, candy, and other Valentine’s themed gifts. Of course, the best prize of all is helping these remarkable animals that share our city, homes, and lives.

We are currently putting together our prize packages, so check back at this site, or watch you email for our next issue of Fabulous Times!

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Fabulous Felines 2016 Year End Letter

Happy Holidays to all our wonderful supporters and their furry friends from everyone and all the kitties at Fabulous Felines!

The end of the year is a time of celebration and reflection, and we have always honored this by sending our Year End Letter to all our supporters. It is our opportunity to let you, the people who make this possible, know what we have done over the past year. 2016 is a particularly important milestone: it is the tenth anniversary of the founding of Fabluous Felines. Your generosity and the love we get from our feline charges have made this milestone possible, and we find ourselves reflecting on our good fortune, and the opportunities 2017 and the next ten years will bring to continue helping these wonderful animals.

2016 began with an especially rewarding experience. As part of our outreach program, Merry gave a presentation to the Meadowlark Senior Center in January. She was greeted by an audience of seniors interested in kitties and what Fabulous Felines does.  Several attendees told stories of their own cats, or cats they have helped in the past.

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Check Out our Holiday Sale

We have a number of items that have been donated to Fabulous Felines, that would make great Holiday gifts. These range from big presents to small stocking stuffers, from high-end jewelry, to gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses, to rounds of golf, and of course, include lots of cat stuff! All of are either brand new, or gently used. We are offering them all at a fraction of their retail value.

Lets Go shopping!

watch-2 dolphins snowman-and-snowflake ceramic-kitten














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Little Kara has a forever home!

You may remember Kara from earlier postings on this site. She had come to us when her companion, a single man, died suddenly in his home. Friends found poor Kara beside his body. We placed Kara with a loving foster, who helped her recover from her loss, but her foster moved out of state, and Kara came to live in our own foster house. Although we worried about her being with so many cats, she adapted, and quickly charmed all of our volunteers. Still, we wanted her to find her own loving companion.

Well, it has happened. A lovely woman who had lost her long-time feline friend visited our foster house, and she and Kara hit it off! Kara’s new friend understands cats, and did all she could to make Kara’s transition a smooth, loving one. She set the house up with a box, cat toys, and cat furniture. Then, she made sure to bring Kara home when she planned to be around the house for a few days. The result? Well, just look at the pictures she sent us. Kara is definitely a happy cat in a happy home!

img_20161127_152111144_hdr img_20161128_191647021_cropped

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Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our Tenth Anniversary Celebration a Success!

We want to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who made our Tenth Anniversary Celebration a success. We had a wonderful afternoon talking to the many supporters who came to the party, sharing our experiences in working with these wonderful animals, and learning about everything going on in the Fabulous Felines Community. In fact, we had many more guests than we planned, and wound up increasing our food orders at the last minute!

So thanks to everyone who came, to Michael Anthony for some terrific jazz guitar, to all the individuals and businesses who donated silent auction items, to Joe Conte and the New Mexico Bar for their wonderful meeting rooms, to Kim Jew Photography, Pepsi, La Montana, and Dion’s for special support, and to all the volunteers who made it possible to pull off such an event.

Also, the celebration is not over. We still have a few silent auction items that didn’t sell (including a few that arrived too late to be in the auction). Keep your eyes on our web site for our online auction which will appear as soon as we rest up from the party!

Thanks to everyone, and have a wonderful autumn!

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