Fabulous Felines Free Lecture on Feline Nutrition and Understanding Cat Food Ingredients

ingredientsThe second lecture in the Fabulous Felines Free Lecture Series has the intriguing title: What is on The Bag, and What is in The Bag. In this lecture, Dr. Melinda Eyrich of VCA Montgomery will talk about feline nutrition, how we can understand the often baffling lists of ingredients on cat food bags and cans, and the effect of these ingredients on our cats’ health.

Dr. Eyrich and Friend
Dr. Eyrich and Friend

Dr. Eyrich graduated form Northern Arizona University with a B.S in Zoology and Chemistry.  She obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins Colorado.  She has a special interest in Cardiac Ultrasound, and enjoys public speaking and working in the community.  She is married, and has two people children, two dog children and last but not least two cat kids.  Her hobbies include scuba diving, travel, and hiking, and she enjoys cooking.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 22, 2016; 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

Place: VCA Montgomery Conference Room (enter on the west side of the building) (map . . .)
9901 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

CostAbsolutely Free! Also, if you email us at fabulousFelines@comcast.net to let us know in advance that you will be coming, you will be entered in a drawing for a special prize! (you must be present to win).

We want to thank our sponsors for making it possible for us to bring these talks to you for free. To date, our sponsors are VCA West MesaClarks Pet Emporium, and VCA Montgomery. Please patronize them, and when you do, don’t forget to mention Fabulous Felines!

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Just For Fun: Fast Friends

We are always amazed at the positions cats get into when they are relaxing. Snickerdoodle (the orange and white gentleman) and Sylvester are fast friends. One of our volunteers caught them in a particularly inventive kitty pile pose.

Snick & Sly Cropped

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Kara Urgently Needs a Foster

Kara is a beautiful cat who came to us because her owner died suddenly (you may remember her as our Wild Love poster cat). Her situation was particularly sad. Her companion was a single man who adored her, and died of a heart attack when they were home alone together. When friends went to their home to check on him, they found poor Kara laying beside his body. She is an affectionate but shy cat who is used to a quiet life with an older person or couple.

Kara is in a temporary foster, but her foster companion will be leaving Albuquerque very soon, and cannot take Kara with her. Because Kara is shy, and has been through so much, she would not do well if we put her in with other cats at the foster house. We urgently need to find a foster or a forever home for her. Please contact us if you could open your heart and home to this lovely, affectionate animal.

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Snowball Sends Her Love

As you may recall, Snowball was one of our longtime foster house residents who found her wonderful forever home a few months back. Well, even though she has settled into her loving home, Snowball hasn’t forgotten all her friends at Fabulous Felines. She and her human companion send their love, along with some great pictures of Snowball relaxing in her home!

Snowball 2 cropped

Snowball 1 cropped IMG_2265

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Little Alexis has Passed

Alexis.1.croppedAlexis came to us through our work with Project Apollo, and became a popular resident at the foster house. She was born wild, but seemed interested in interacting with people.  Initially she was very shy, but in time, she grew bolder, and reached out to us.  She became friendly, and enjoyed affection, playing with dangle toys, and interacting with our volunteers. Because she was an older cat, we were not able to find a forever home for her, but we believe she enjoyed life with the cats in the foster house, and everyone who became part of our foster house.  Because she was a large gray cat with sleek fur, her pet name was “the baby seal.”  She touched many lives and they touched hers.  Her favorite activity was to be brushed by her human friends.

Recently, even though she was eating, she seemed low energy, and we arranged for a blood test to see why. Unfortunately, the night before she was to see the veterinarian, she passed.  We never really knew how old she was or what her history was before she came to us.  She was a sweet cat, whom fortune had given a rough start. Although we are grateful that we found her and were able to give her a life free from the hardships of the street, we cannot help but grieve her passing. She will be missed by all of us who knew and loved her.

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