Don’t be shy! Supporting Fabulous Felines is Easy!

Gigi_PeekabooWe are still enjoying the wonderful feelings of community, generosity, and joy that we experienced in our recent summer party! Not only was it our most successful event ever, but also it reminded us of the extraordinary community that has grown around our little cat rescue. Thank you all!

As we enter the autumn season, we wanted to remind you of many ways you can support our work. In addition to direct donations, you can participate in charitable giving programs at work, shop with our partners in the business world, and we always need volunteers to help care for beautiful cats like Gigi (above). Some of these opportunities are:

  •  United Way. If you participate in the United Way, either personally or through your employer, you can make part of all of your annual donations a gift to Fabulous Felines – be sure to select Fabulous Felines of Albuquerque. Employee signups happen in the fall for many companies, so don’t forget us!
  • Combined Federal Campaign. Federal Government Employees may be eligible to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Signups will be coming up this fall, and you can designate Fabulous Felines using our CFC Number: 83472.
  • Shaklee. If you sign up for Shaklee through Fabulous Felines, a portion of every purchase of these wonderful health and cleaning products will go to the kitties.
  • Amazon Smile. If you order from Amazon (who doesn’t?), consider using the Amazon Smile portal (, and designating Fabulous Felines of Albuquerque as your charity. This program lets you buy Amazon products at the same prices, and using the same interface you are used to, but Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase amount to us. You can learn more at
  • Kim Jew Photography has introduced a program where people who donate $99 to Fabulous Felines will receive a $500 certificate for portraits (download their flyer for more info). Please email us at if you would like to take advantage of this offer.
  • We always need cat food and supplies (toys, litter, paper towels, etc) for our foster house, and you can drop them off on the feline side of VCA Montgomery.

And we are always looking for people who would like to volunteer to help us with our work. Just drop us a line at and we can give you more information about volunteer opportunities.

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Harlequin and the origins of community cats

Even though the community cats we help to support through our Project Apollo are spayed and neutered through our TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) efforts, new cats continue to show up looking for help: for food, safety, and a way to survive.  Where do they come from?  All too often they are abandoned by the people who are supposed to care for them.

This is the case with the cat we are calling Harlequin, who recently came to the Project Apollo colony. Harlequin had belonged to a family that was living with their grandmother in Project Apollo’s neighborhood.  Rather than find an apartment where they could keep their cat, they moved and left her behind with the grandmother who neither wanted her, nor cared about her well being. The woman put her outside without food, water, or love.  Even so, she remained near what she thought was her home – hopeful.  An elderly neighbor, who saw what was going on, put out food and water for her, but she was also moving away.

Harlequin, shortly after her rescue
Harlequin, shortly after her rescue

Harlequin’s family never came back for her, not even for a visit.  She was a discarded and forgotten cat.

In recent months, we have heard people in the Albuquerque media complain that people and groups who provide food and care for community cats are encouraging the growth of their population. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The population of unwanted cats grows because people neglect or abandon them. We are only trying to mitigate this ever-expanding tragedy by stopping the birth of more homeless kittens through neutering, and by providing shelter and food for the cats that remain.

Fortunately, Harlequin’s story has a happy ending. A cat angel in the neighborhood recently rescued her. However, because she has been neglected for a long time, she needs medical attention, including an extensive dental.  If you are able to contribute something toward Harlequin’s medical care to help her and other cats like her, please donate using the button below.  We hope to provide her with blood-work, dental care, shots, a good check-up, and whatever else she needs to be restored to health.

Once Harlequin has received the medical care she needs, and has taken some time to recover from the trauma of her abandonment, she will be looking for a permanent home! If you would like to adopt this lovely animal, and help finish writing the happy ending to her story, please contact us.

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Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our Summer Event a Success

Our summer event took place on July 13 (see the event posting), and it was a huge success. Special thanks to Ray Hernandez-Duran who gave an exciting talk on the way these animals we love have served as symbols for aspects of our own art, nature, and spirit; to Michael Anthony, who played some world-class jazz; to the individuals and merchants who donated items for our silent auction and snacks for everyone; to the staff at the Jewish Community Center who made the room so comfortable; and to our volunteers, supporters, and everyone who made this our most successful event ever!

Not only was it a financial success (a good thing, since several of the cats in our foster house need dental care), but also it was the best attended event we ever had. Perhaps the most rewarding part of the event was a chance to spend time with the wonderful community that has grown up around our little cat rescue. Through the afternoon, we had the opportunity to talk with many of our supporters, and also watched people come together around the tables, over food, and at the auction tables for conversation. It made us realize what an extraordinary group of people we have to thank for making all we do possible.

Thank you everyone!

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Marey and Mack have a Forever Home!

Marey and Mack

Those of you who follow Fabulous Felines probably recall our posting in search of a permanent home for Marey and Mack. Well, we are delighted to let everyone know that they have found that home. A wonderful man, and longtime friend of Fabulous Felines had been fostering them for us, and it seems they have all turned into a family. He has officially adopted the beautiful brother and sister.

These days, we all need more happy endings, and Marey and Mack’s story certainly provides one. They were raised by a little girl who loved them very much, but was forced to gave them up when her family had to move to a place that would not allow them. They came to our foster house, where everyone adored them, but we long felt they deserved a permanent home. Probably because they are older, and because we felt they should remain together (they are inseparable), we were unable to find a suitable place. We placed them in foster care because we thought they would do better as “only cats,” and it seems their wonderful personalities did the rest. Their foster home has become a forever home.

We still have some lovely cats who would make dear companions. Although they are no longer kittens, the love they have to give does not diminish with age. Please contact us at if you would like to meet some of these marvelous animals. In the meantime, we leave you with a video of Marey and Mack playing.

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Michael Anthony Joins our Summer Event!

SteinlenCatFeedingAs we said in earlier postings, we have been working on making this year’s summer party the best ever, and with the addition of the great Jazz Guitarist, Michael Anthony, it looks like we have done it. Michael is one of the finest Jazz guitarists anywhere, and he will be playing at our fundraiser on July 13!

In addition to Michael’s music, and an exciting talk by UNM Art and Art History Professor, Ray Hernández-Durán, we have been getting some great silent auction items, including stays at several New Mexico hotels, golf passes, artwork, and restaurant gift cards.Announcement&Agenda_thumbnail

Our agenda is set. You can download a pdf of the final agenda and post it at work, your church, or other public space or just put it up on your fridge as a reminder, or you can scroll down and read it here. So make your reservations now!

Date and Time: July 13, 2014, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: The Jewish Community Center
5520 Wyoming Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM

If you would prefer, you can send a check for your admission to:

Fabulous Felines
P. O. Box 14841
Albuquerque, NM 87191

Summer Event Agenda

Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony

2:00 to 3:00 Jazz Guitarist Michael Anthony.

Michael Anthony is one of the treasures of New Mexico’s thriving music scene. Michael has played jazz guitar professionally for over 50 years, recording and performing with Tony Bennett, Nelson Riddle, Henry Mancini, Ray Brown, Elvin Jones, and Louis Belson among many others. Michael moved to New Mexico in 1980, where he gigs regularly, teaches, serves as Prof. of Jazz Guitar Studies at UNM, and performs and records some of the best jazz around! For more about Michael, visit his web site!

3:00 to 4:00 UNM Art & Art History Professor Ray Hernández-Durán

Prof. Ray Hernández-Durán, Ph.D
Prof. Ray Hernández-Durán, Ph.D

Friends of Fabulous Felines are already familiar with Prof. Ray Hernández-Durán, and his unique perspective on the role cats have played in our cultural and intellectual lives. His 2013 talk for us was an exciting look at the representation of cats in global art, from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the Americas. This year, he is returning to speak on Symbol, Guide and Familiar: The Cat & Human Spirituality Through the Ages. His talk is sure to give us a deepened appreciation of the unique relationship humans have with these beautiful animals.

4:00 to 5:00 Conversation, Silent Auction wrap up.

Spend the last hour of our afternoon making last bids on the silent auction items (it will close at 4:30), chatting about Michael’s music, Ray’s talk, and the work we are doing at Fabulous Felines.

Join us for a delightful afternoon!

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