Happy Earth Day

On this Earth Day and for all our days to come, let us share the gift of compassion with every creature who shares our planet, our ecosystems, our communities, and even our flowerbeds:



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Snowball and The Kittens

Snowball is one of our rescue cats who happily found her forever home. When a couple new kittens joined the family, there was some concern that Snowball, who had enjoyed being an only cat, would accept the newcomers.

Well, it seems that “Aunt Snowball” and the kittens are doing just fine!

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Check out the Fabulous Felines Article in Albuquerque The Magazine!

We would like to thank the wonderful people at Albuquerque The Magazine for their terrific article on Fabulous Felines in their March Issue. This two page article (page 278) talks about the history of our little cat rescue, and our continuing efforts to support Albuquerque’s lost and community cats, and all the people who care for them.

Albuquerque The Magazine has been incredibly generous in supporting our work over the years by helping us to announce our fundraisers and other events. We also want to commend them for recognizing that our city’s love of animals is as much a part of our cultural landscape as the music, arts, cuisine, sports, businesses, and events that make Albuquerque such a great place to live.

So please pick up the March Issue and read all about us – but don’t wait. Once people find out that Fabulous Felines is the subject of a two page article, the March issue is going to fly off the newsstands!

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Thank You for Participating in Wild Love 2018!

Well, Wild Love 2018 has ended, and the prizes of a $50 gift card to Farina Alto, a box of chocolates from Buffett’s Candies, and a pair of earrings from Shelton Jewelers goes to a long time supporter of our little rescue who would like to remain anonymous.

It was an enjoyable and successful fundraiser, and our only regret is that everyone who has supported Fabulous Felines over the years could not have won. We could not do our work without your support, and as Wild Love 2018 wraps up, we would like to share the gratitude and affection we feel toward our volunteers, our supporters, both individuals and in Albuquerque’s business community, and most of all the extraordinary animals who make all of this worthwhile.

You are all winners.

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Chuck Morris Needs a Home!

This handsome gentleman is named Chuck Morris. A few years ago, he was rescued from the community cat colony that Fabulous Felines helps to support. We recognized that Chuck was not feral, but was abandoned, and were able to find him a loving home with an lovely, older lady.

Sadly, after living happily with his new friend, she passed away, and Chuck has returned to us. He is an alert, loving 11 year old who likes people, but is afraid of other cats and dogs. He is looking for a foster until we can find a quiet, loving forever home for him.

Please contact us if you would like to meet this beautiful, loving animal.

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