Fabulous Felines Note Cards

A few weeks ago, we posted some beautiful pictures of the cats in our foster house taken by Greg Tessler. Shortly afterwards, Helene, another of our wonderful volunteers turned these images into note cards, with a cheerful greeting in each card such as “Thinking of you,” or “You’re too kind.”

We are offering these to you in packets of 6 cards with envelopes for a $15 donation.

Three of Helene’s card packets

Each packet of six cards is a different selection of images of cats in the foster house, and is tied with a colorful ribbon or twine. A few examples of the cards and their contents are shown below (click on an image to see it in detail):

To purchase a packet of six cards, please contact us!

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A Gift of Joy and Generosity

Front of Gift Donation Acknowledgement Card

What to get for the loved one who has everything? How about a gift of love and kindness by making a donation to Fabulous Felines in their name? For a minimum donation of $25, will send the person you would like to honor a lovely card (see the card face to the right) letting them know about the gift.

If you would like to make a gift donation, just contact us via email so we can get the details. Please put the words “Gift donation” in the subject line. Or, you can send a check to us at

Fabulous Felines
P. O. Box 14841
Albuquerque, NM 87191

Be sure to include your name, and the name and address of the person in whose name you would like to make the donation.

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Make the Holidays Safe and Joyful for Your Cats

The winter holidays are one of our favorite times of the year, a time for crisp winter weather, good food, beautiful sights, and gatherings with friends (both human and animal). But these celebrations can present risks for our furry friends. A small amount of care can insure that our cats and dogs share these magical times safely. Some things to consider include:

  • Many holiday decorations and package ornaments can be harmful to cats. For example, both cats and dogs find tinsel and ribbon tempting to chew on, but if swallowed, these decorations can harm their digestive system.
  • Certain foods, such as chocolate, raisins, grapes, mushrooms, alcohol, cooked bones, human medications, and candy are harmful to cats if eaten in large quantities. Keep an eye out to make sure your cats don’t help themselves to these human treats, and put them away out of your cat’s reach if you step out or go to sleep. For more information on foods to keep from your pets, visit the ASPCA web site.
  • Parties are a big part of the holidays but remember that the noise and crowds of new people can be terrifying to cats. Be sure to give your cats a safe space in a room away from the ruckus. Be sure to provide food and a litter box. We lock ours in the bedroom where they can sleep peacefully while our guests are celebrating peace on earth.
  • Be very careful when your guests leave, since a frightened, disoriented cat may bolt through an open door. 
  • And be sure to include your animals in family celebrations with a new cat toy, bag of catnip, or a special treat that can bring out the joyful, uninhibited play that animals can share.
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Saying Good Bye to Carcaletsa

Carcaletsa (left) and Sylvester
Carcaletsa and Sylvester

A year or so ago, we described Carcaletsa as “an aging princess with an operatic name,” a name that fit her grace and beauty. It breaks our hearts to tell you that our beautiful princess has passed away. She came to live in the foster house in 2009 when her human companion died. She quickly became a favorite among the volunteers who groomed and played with her eagerly. Although it took a little longer, she also made friends among the other cats in the foster house. Sylvester and Gigi were as drawn to her as the volunteers, frequently cuddling and napping with her. We estimate she was around nineteen when she passed. Everyone at the foster house misses her, and we are all grateful for the years she spent with us. 

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Beautiful Pictures of Our Foster Cats

Cats are notoriously photogenic—especially in the hands of a skilled photographer. Recently, Greg Tessler, the son of Howard Tessler, one of our volunteers, photographed all the cats in our foster house. Over the next month or so, we will be posting larger versions of these images, along with brief notes on each cat’s history. We hope you’ll enjoy these images as much as we have enjoyed the cats behind them. And great thanks to Greg and Howard.

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