Thumbelina is home from the Vet!

Thumbelina in the hammock

Little Thumbelina is one of the kitties in our foster house. She went into the hospital on Monday with an upper respiratory problem that made it hard for her to breathe. After some wonderful care from the veterinarian, she is doing better and came home on Thursday afternoon.

When Thumbelina came to us as a kitten, she was in such bad shape, the vet said we should keep her in the foster house where she could receive special care. She was the size and weight of an 8 week kitten but was actually 6 months old. That was 15 years ago. After the vet took care of her immediate needs, she flourished at the foster house.  

Still a Princess

Because of her difficult start, she never fully socialized. Although she became friendly to all our volunteers, she continued to hiss at people who gave her affection. It was just a habit from her early days, and everyone came to love her signature “hiss,” which is her way of meowing.

As many of our supporters know, we have a policy of giving animals the care they need to return to health, no matter how old they may be. We have a number of elderly cats in our foster house, and they are increasingly in need of often costly vet care which does stress our budget. As the holidays approach, we hope you will keep us in your end of year giving plans.

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Join us for our Autumn Food and Supplies Drive

We are currently holding our Autumn Food and Supplies Drive at VCA Montgomery Veterinary Hospital. We have a special need for cat food, litter, puppy pads, and sturdy Paper Plates. Just bring your donation to the basket on the feline side of VCA!

If you prefer to make a financial donation, you can donate through our web site, or send a check to:

Fabulous Felines
P. O. Box 14841
Albuquerque, NM 87191

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Join Us at the Unitarian Church Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

The Unitarian Church will be holding its Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair on December 11th from 9:00 to 1:00, and we will be there with a selection of handmade items for your feline friends (cat beds, etc), and yourself. The proceeds of our sales will be split between the Unitarian Church (with some of the funds supporting Animal Advocates) and Fabulous Felines. It will be held indoors in the Memorial Hall at the Unitarian Church at 3701 Carlisle NE, and will have a wide variety of handmade items for you holiday gift giving. We hope to see you there!

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Summer Food & Supplies Drive

Just a reminder that our Summer Food and Supplies drive continues. We wish to thank everyone who has been donating throughout the summer. It has been a huge help.

Although all donations help, we have a special need for puppy pads (we call them kitty pads and they are a huge help for aging cats who sometimes miss the box). Also, Fancy Feast is a special favorite of our kitties. Just drop off your food and supplies in the basket on the feline side of VCA Montgomery.

This summer we’ve had some large veterinary expenses for the kitties and like everything else, vet bills have been going up. If you would like to make a monetary donation to help out, click on the donation button to right.

Also, please consider downloading and sharing our Summer Food Drive Flyer.

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Beautiful Handmade Quilt

We are delighted to say the quilt has been sold! The proceeds from this sale will help us care for the cats in our care, and support our broader efforts at helping lost and community cats.

A quilting artist has donated a stunning, handmade quilt to Fabulous Felines to help raise money for the kitties’ care.

Quilting is an ancient art—an Egyptian ivory carving from 35th century BC shows a Pharaoh wearing a quilted cloak—and continues to inspire gifted artists. This brand new quilt features cat motifs and would be most appreciated displayed as wall art using a quilt hanger.

The rich colors are vibrant, and in the right light, the threads seem to glisten. In addition to the beautiful front, the back is also sewn in amazing detail. There is a repeating image of cats decorating the reverse side. This quilt is 50″ x 60″.

We are asking $300 for this beautiful quilt.

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