Uncle Charlie

Charlie is an old, black tomcat we rescued about fourteen years ago when a friend found him hanging around a horse barn in Corrales, and since we had not set up our foster house back then, he wound up living in our home. He is an exceptional (yes, I can hear you saying all cats are exceptional), cat in many ways. He is the bravest of our cats, and is usually the first to greet visitors, even when the others are hiding under the bed. If the visitor owns horses, Charlie will smell them on his or her clothes and become extremely affectionate, I assume out of fond memories for the horses who shared their barn with him.

He is also unflappable. Almost nothing gets him going. A few years ago, Charlie saw a deer outside our door (we live in the foothills, and deer come down into our neighborhood), and went right up to the glass, ignoring the fact that it outweighed him by more than a hundred pounds. Maybe it reminded him of a horse.

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But, what makes Charlie special, and earned him his nickname of “Uncle Charlie,” is that he is unusually fond of kittens. We learned this a year or so after we adopted him, when we rescued a litter of orphan kittens. Although he could not help with the late-night bottle feedings, he spent hours each day watching over them, and even helped wash them. Little Audrey (something of a princess, but that’s another story) even took to following him everywhere:

Charlie & Audrey0001

As he enters a genteel old age, complete with white whiskers, it seems Uncle Charlie hasn’t lost his fondness for kids. About a year and a half ago, we rescued a lost kitten we named Lucy. She has a serious heart problem, and has remained small, but that doesn’t stop her from chasing the other cats. It is amazing to see cats that are twice her weight running from this rambunctious, eternal kitten. Others join in the game, wrestling and chasing her back. But Charlie is completely unflappable, ignoring her antics until she needs a good cuddle – even when the cuddle pushes an already occupied cat bed to overflowing:



So here’s to Uncle Charlie. I don’t know how we’d handle all the cats that wind up in our house without his help!

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In Memorium: Dorothy Jackson

Remembering the passing of a kind and generous heart is a sad task, but it also gives us time to give thanks for the lasting blessings such people bring to so many lives. Dorothy Jackson of Des Moines, Iowa was a long-time friend to animals. She loved all cats and kittens, and proudly lived as one of Des Moines true cat ladies. She will be missed by everyone she touched.

Dorothy’s niece, also a kind and generous animal lover, has made a generous donation to Fabulous Felines in memory of her aunt.

 We hope you will join us in honoring the memory of this extraordinary woman, and give thanks for the compassion she showed to all living things.

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Ian is a Very Patient Cat

Ian has long been a favorite among everyone at Fabulous Felines. He is not only a very friendly, beautiful long-haired black cat, but also has proven he can be a calming influence on other cats and people alike. We have often seen him befriend frightened, possibly feral rescues, and help them to become used to human company. He also has gone through a serious illness which required steroid treatments that caused him to gain a large amount of weight. Happily, he has recovered, and returned to his normal svelte figure once we changed his medications.


Because he is so patient and even tempered, he didn’t mind when kitty volunteer Sarah, one of his human friends, dressed him up in a little summer hat.


His pal Snickerdoodle, however, was not so sure about the whole thing.

As we said, Ian is a very patient cat.

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Fabulous Felines Summer Food Drive

FabulousFoodDriveIt is time for the kitties’ summer food drive. The kitties need wet and dry food, paper plates, and paper towels. If you are able to donate, please take the items to our donation basket on the feline side of VCA Montgomery at 9901 Montgomery. You can also help by downloading our flyer and posting it in your workplace, church, community center, or just on your refrigerator door.

Also, we hope you will consider volunteering for Fabulous Felines. We have a number of wonderful people who help care for the cats in our foster house, and it is heart warming to see how these once frightened animals respond to love and affection. But, their appetite for love is huge, and we can always use more volunteers. If you are interested, please contact us!

And, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Many Thanks, and Happy Meows.

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Kara Urgently Needs a Foster

Kara is a beautiful cat who came to us because her owner died suddenly (you may remember her as our Wild Love poster cat). Her situation was particularly sad. Her companion was a single man who adored her, and died of a heart attack when they were home alone together. When friends went to their home to check on him, they found poor Kara laying beside his body. She is an affectionate but shy cat who is used to a quiet life with an older person or couple.

Kara is in a temporary foster, but her foster companion will be leaving Albuquerque very soon, and cannot take Kara with her. Because Kara is shy, and has been through so much, she would not do well if we put her in with other cats at the foster house. We urgently need to find a foster or a forever home for her. Please contact us if you could open your heart and home to this lovely, affectionate animal.

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